Howtos, Guides and Shell Scripts


How to backup: Windows with Rsync.

How to backup: Linux with Rsync

How to backup: NAS with Rsync.

How to: Route SMTP traffic from Sendmail to Exchange.

How to: Unlock LUKS partitions with a USB Key.

How to answer the question: Am I online?

How to set-up an RTL-based DVB-T USB stick as a Software Defined Radio on CentOS/RHEL.


Get the most out of your computer by using the Keyboard shortcut keys.

Check out our handy guide on Mains power connectors.

A handy chart of HTML Colours.

Shell Scripts

Runtime control (init.d) script for: Fetchmail.

Runtime control (init.d) script for: stunnel.

Miscellaneous Linux Stuff

A list of DVB-T MUX frequencies for Sandy Heath and a guide for tuning VDR.

Page updated: 10th May 2017