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How to backup: Windows with Rsync.

How to backup: Linux with Rsync

How to backup: NAS with Rsync.

How to: Route SMTP traffic from Sendmail to Exchange.

How to: Unlock LUKS partitions with a USB Key.

How to answer the question: Am I online?

Server Howtos

These howtos are offered to both newbies and extablished SysAdmins who want to put a RHEL/CentOS/Rocky Linux server into operation either in a home or an office. They are offered without warranty; i.e. you use them at your own risk. They are taken from a working system, and in some cases I have kept my real-world domain name references to make it easier for you to understand. This is part of a project to remind me to document how I set things up, so more may follow when time/energy allows.

Caching DNS server with master zone file for DHCP server (below) and ad-blocking system.

DHCP server with Dynamic DNS updates.

In-house mirror of your favourite distro(s).

PXE/UEFI network boot to use with in-house DHCP/DNS solution.

Useful back-up scripts for MariaDB, OpenLDAP, and RPM.


Get the most out of your computer by using the Keyboard shortcut keys.

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A handy chart of HTML Colours.

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