Gaztronics CentOS/RHEL Repository


24th December 2020 Please note: this repo is largely an archive project. I have not updated the packages for some time as the upstream versions are too far ahead to work any sense. With Red Hat doing its best to kill-off CentOS, I will be migrating away in the future, and this repo will eventually be deleted. Any new packages added here are to add functionality for my own systems where there is no EPEL alternative; e.g. xastir and dxcc-gui.

I am pleased to offer my own personal repository of CentOS/RHEL RPMs that I have rebuilt from the Fedora sources in order to provide the extra functionality I have enjoyed in the past (when using Fedora 12/13/14 and Gnome 2.x, Compiz, and Emerald as a primary desktop), and to add the toys that are missing from the EPEL project. The RPMs have been downloaded as source-RPMs from official Fedora repository mirrors and rebuilt using mock (or built with rpmbuild). They are offered without warranty, so use them at your own discretion. They work on my various desktop and laptop builds, so they should work for you. Always back-up your system prior to installing 3rd party RPMs!

This repository came into being after I sought refuge from Gnome 3 and realised no one else offered the RPMs for CentOS/RHEL that I was seeking. The collection is very small, but best handled as a 'repo' to ensure the correct dependencies are loaded.

Update 10th May 2017 With the migration to a VPS and switching my websites to https, I have had to break out the EPEL repo to its own home. Unfortunately the move has broken the old URI path, so there is no automatic upgrade. I have created new RPMs to install the new Yum repo file. rpm -Uvh with either of the URIs below should update the previously installed package.

If you would like to use the repository via Yum, please install one of the following RPM packages:

For CentOS 7 - gaztronics-7-2.noarch.rpm

Some of the packages in this repository rely on packages from EPEL. For CentOS/RHEL 7, simply enter: yum install epel-release to add the EPEL repository.


Source RPMS are available here:

Packages for CentOS/RHEL 7

Use the following command to list all available packages: yum --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo="gaztronics" list available.

Browse the contents of the repo here:

Amateur Radio packages


Info: Amateur Radio callsign-to-country look-up utility.

Install: yum install dxcc-gui

Built from: dxcc-20080225-39.fc33.src.rpm

Notes: Installs dxcc as dependency.


Info: Automatic Position Repeater System (APRS) for Amateur Radio.

Install: yum install xastir

Built from: xastir-2.1.4-8.fc34.src.rpm

Notes: Built against upstream libraries: libpng-1.6.37-6.fc34.src.rpm, libpng15-1.5.30-11.fc33.src.rpm, tkimg-1.4-33.fc33.src.rpm, tcl-8.6.10-5.fc34.src.rpm, tk-8.6.10-5.fc33.src.rpm, libax25-1.1.1-2.fc33.src.rpm, gpsman-6.4.1-17.fc33.src.rpm, perl-GPS-0.17-17.fc33.src.rpm. libax25 and perl-GPS will be installed from this repository for dependencies. xastir appears to work happily against the versions of libpng available in the current CentOS 7 code-base. The package dependencies for the build are not reflected in the installation and are therefore not made available to avoid breaking upstream.

Useful utilities


Info: Serial terminal emulator application - handy for configuring network switches and routers.

Install: yum install gtkterm

Built from: gtkterm-0.99.7-0.9.rc1.git26021e33.fc26.src.rpm

Notes: In order to be able to use gtkterm as a normal user you need to do: usermod -a -G dialout,lock <username> as root, replacing <username> with your username, so that your user gets access to serial ports.


Info: PulseAudio Equalizer is a 15 bands system wide equalizer, that means any application that is using PulseAudio, will benefit from the sound improvement.

Install: yum install pulseaudio-equalizer

Built from: pulseaudio-equalizer-2.7-18.fc26.src.rpm


Info: This tool enables your Gnome/MATE desktop to have different wallpapers for different workspaces or virtual desktops.

Install: yum install wallpapoz

Built from: wallpapoz-0.6.2-7.fc21.1.src.rpm

Notes: Modified SPECS file to remove Fedora related installation requirements - autostart now installs correctly. Added "unset SESSION_MANAGER" to /usr/bin/daemon_wallpapoz to fix a problem with CentOS 6.6 that stopped Wallpapoz from working.

The detection routines in wallpapoz fail to detect MATE. You can fudge this by changing line 107 in /usr/share/wallpapoz/lib/ to the following: self.window_manager = 'MATE'. Logout and in again and wallpapoz should start to work.

Page updated: 24th December 2020